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A love so true that it transcends the bounds of time and space, literally. True love doesn’t always have a happy ending. If you want to find that moment of joy when your heart lights up, these stories have those moments for you. Transcending a lifetime of loneliness the Traveling Man finds one moment of joy from Eddie D Moore. In Love is Courage shows a love that transcends the end of life in a touching tribute by Stacy Bennett. Memories to Come from Paul Alex Gray discards reality for love. Letting Go transcends time to ask how much you would give up for your true love and Alex Shvartsman answers everything. Between the Particles breaks down physics to try to save love from JW Troemner.

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S1.29 No One Likes the Grimm Reaper

No One Likes the Grimm Reaper by Kim Letendre.

Kim has lived in Canada all her life, in Montreal for most of it, but moved to Ontario in 2011 and am now a university student in Toronto, studying immunology and animal physiology. Kim speaks both French and English and writes in both languages. One of her French short stories has been adapted into a segment of a play presented by the Théâtre Français de Toronto in 2014. She bakes and does fencing in her spare time and also enjoys reading all types of books but especially fantasy and adventure. Kim has a deep love for anything Alice in Wonderland and mythology, two topics that are not even slightly related.

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