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Time Tracking

Because of a whole bunch of things I’m giving a shot to better time tracking for a little while. Not sure I’ll do it forever, but I’m going to aim for through March. Though March might be a bad month, is there a good month?


I want to better understand where my time is going. What am I spending time on that I don’t want to. Am I doing the things with my life I want to? Am I putting my energy toward the things that are my priorities?

I also want to try to reclaim some of the writing time and I need to know where that is leeching out, and what I need to cut to get that back.

There is also something to tracking time keeping me more …focused. Like less distracted by random stuff because the clock is ticking.


I’m using Toggl which is really easy to start using. (It was discussed on several Cortex episodes.) I think a lot of it will be thinking about the structure of what counts for what?

When I’m sending a long email/fb message/twitter dm that is really thoughtful conversation or future project planning or helping someone with something, is that social media? I’m leaning toward no? But I’m not sure.

When I’m writing a blog post (like this one) is that social media? Is it writing? Is it 600 Second Saga? Not sure. (Thank you to Elizabeth for reasons to say goodbye to social media.)

The time I find myself spending fighting with security is that…podcast? Blog? Social media? I don’t know.

They all tie together so it’s kind of hard to draw the lines, but I think that what it is important to group things by is how I feel about them? Maybe?

Do you track your time? How? Why? How do you group things?

Talk to me!

For starters welcome to everyone who has picked up following the blog from the fantastic NaNo Hop.  I wanted to put all the places you can find me in one nice and tidy spot for anyone who wants to talk to me or reach out to me.

Let’s start here

I’ve got a WordPress blog so if you are on WordPress you should be able to follow me that way. You can also use my RSS feed. If you’d like to get emails you can join my email list. If you want to get messages each week about the new 600 Second Saga episode, then join weekly. If you want to only get announcements when I’ve got a new book or giveaway then go for a few a year (less than 6 a year).

How often do you want to get emails?

Ok next up: Social Media…bumbumbum


My account (friend me, I don’t bite)
600 Second Saga-Mariah Avix author page


@MariahAvix This is probably the most active of the social medias right now. I’m not great, but I’m trying.


Mariah Avix I stand by what I said a while ago about Pinterest being social media for introverts. I hate that it has a bad name because it is feminine. I keep bringing this up and I will keep doing so. But it is awesome for drama free, stress-free, oh, I want to pull together a bunch of inspiration for my book kind of stuff. You can share, find stuff, etc. Weirdly it is also one of the things that most makes me want to read someone’s book. When I see them pulling things together, it is like a glimpse of a beautifully woven mat, I can’t wait to see the final thing.


600 Second Saga This is mostly the podcast, though my book trailer is also on there.


Mariah Avix I’m there both as an author and as a reader.

And then, of course, there is the giant list of places to find the podcast which you should be able to see in the side bar on the webpage.

Or you can just email me too, I like email.