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Formatting pt 2

Formatting pt 2, I promised there would be more! What to include? The thing that was hard for me was what do you put in a book. I looked at something like hundreds of ebooks. I looked at giant well known published by huge companies books and lots and lots of self published books. There are things all books should have, but even that? Not every book is the same. I really liked this outline from JA Konrath Copyright The…
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I promised to talk about formatting for Dangerous Metal so here it is. (For a straight up roundup of formatting links I’ve already made that post.) If you have questions about it please let me know! For me there were really two elements to formatting. One technical. (Not entirely difficult, I used Scrivener, which made it much easier.) The other just…what should a book look like. This post got long so this is mostly just the techincal piece. Why I…
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