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Random Roundup

Mostly not of this earth, but a little of this earth. Just a normal random roundup. Also humans. Not of this Earth Planetary rings are incredibly beautiful. They may be the remnants of the destruction of dwarf planets. The rings are pieces of Dwarf Planets that got torn off in passing, which were then ripped to pieces! Juno – I don’t care how old this is – is out of safe mode and awesome. NASA is awesome. Humans managed to…
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Local Robots

What robots have you interacted with recently? Ever? What are your local robots? I’ve been talking to people and looking at robots a lot lately, when most people talk about robots they talk about they are thinking of Asimo.   Your local robots might include Vending machines Roombas Drink vending Car washes ATMs Redbox Self-checkout Which did I forget? It really seems like once we get used to a robot we call it something else and just assume it is…
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