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2016 Goals

Not resolutions but goals and plans I don’t love making resolutions, but I do think that the new year is a good time to consider plans for the upcoming year and what goals I have. And what strategies will get me there. Part of this is the world is full of looking back on the last year and looking forward to the new year. Part of it is I spend a lot of time at my day job with year-end…
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Ravens and Wolves

Ravens and wolves work together to hunt? I would read the hell out of the modern fantasy take on that. I listened to an episode of Mysterious Universe (14.24 – this link skips right to the relevant part, but if you are interested in penises, pain, Mayan altered perceptions, and stingrays, rewind a bit – but you’ve been warned). The guest was Matt Kaplan (he wrote Science of the Magical) who had a bunch of interesting things to say about…
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Book Recommendations

Books and Holidays and Gifts and Stuff It is winter gift season, post NaNo reading season, cold snuggle up with a warm bowl of soup and a wonderful sweater season, and year end wrap up season. I am far from the first person to say this of course, but I am prompted now to say my own thoughts and recommendations. There are really good lists out there already full of great book/art/music/etc recommendations. Try Whatever’s annual lists of traditional books,…
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