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600 Second Saga now on Google Play

Listen on Google Play! 600 Second Saga is now available on Google Play. Google says: Starting today, podcasts on Google Play Music in the US and Canada will begin rolling out on Android and be available on the web. The rollout on Android devices will be gradual, so users may not see podcast content on the Google Play Music app immediately. Please listen on Google Play or any of the other places you find podcasts. I wrote about how to…
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How to Listen to Podcasts

Don’t know how to listen to podcasts? I’m here to help! Just make it easy! iPhone Android What are podcasts? Basically a radio program on the computer. Or like going to the library and picking a series, and then the rest of them are already checked out when are ready for the next one. If you can think of it, if it is your hobby, something you like, there is a podcast about it. It is the internet, it exists….
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