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Planning Mire

I’m mired in planning. I have entered the bog of I Have No Clue What Happens Next. My characters are mostly returning from prior book (though a couple of new ones, and a few more developed who will get more words). This should make it easier. It has not. One of the themes I currently have happening in the book, as it is half planned, is fighting apathy. Apathy is a really difficult foe. How does apathy fight back? By…
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Good news! I finished up my last project. It’s now siting comfortable in the To Be Edited Q. Also good news! I really like the novel that I was feeling like I ought to write the follow up to. It was good enough that as I was doing a reread to make sure I knew where I was at I got engaged with the characters, I didn’t get frustrated about the edit work (I know it needs 2-4 passes!), and…
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It’s October so for me that means, time to start planning for NaNoWriMo. Must finish faster: I do have a novella I’m nearly done with that I would like to finish before I move onto the next project. It is a part of the series I’m working to put together based on a group of shifters who fight their own fires. For Nano: I don’t know which novel or character or plan I’m going to go with. I’ve always had…
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