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The Year of Story

There are a lot of New Year’s Resolutions and 52 weeks of and 365 days of things. I generally like to try to aim to build on and do things without imposing too much structure because then I become a overly, inappropriately devoted to the structure instead of the things. So I like the Year of idea. (Thank you Cortex!)


Year of…

I’ve been thinking about what my year is. I didn’t have a great plan or strategy. A few ideas sort of floated around and I kept working on the things I knew I wanted to work more on.

I feel like all of those things I’m thinking about are now sort of focused on the thing that it has all coalesed behind, so I don’t know that I can be even objectivish about it.

So what is it?

The Year of Story

It sort of all came together. I’m not entirely sure how. A moment of clarity, or confusion, depending on how you see it. This year is the year of story. In writing, in podcasting, in work. I’m not entirely sure what this means for me as I keep going.

I’ve been reading a lot about storytelling, both the art of stories for fiction and for stories of a kind at work. I’m going to be doing more work with other kinds of stories at the office. The trainings I’ve been a part of this year have talked a lot about story. And I may or may not have pushed them that way…

Much of what I’ve been thinking about is the power of stories and the way they are told.

I don’t know that I’ve come up with anything that changes anything, but it will help to coalese some of these things in my own head.