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How can I help?

I wrote earlier this week about writing for my niece. The second piece of this is something I’ve been struggling with for a while. Why me? I created a podcast. (You might have heard of it, 600 Second Saga.) This makes me a gatekeeper of sorts. Not a super fancy gate wearing gatekeepers (that’s what real gatekeepers do right? wear gates?) but one nonetheless. I read a lot of other submission guidelines along the way to creating mine. Some of…
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2016 by the Numbers

Every year at my day job I have to pull together information for everything I’ve done for the year. Usually, this comes this week, someone several levels above me running through and saying they need it. I try to be prepared. So this is my 2016 Roundup of all the shit I’ve done. Quick review of my goals? Back at the start of 2016 I made a post about my goals. Narrating I really dove into narration this year. While…
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December check in

Now that we are over halfway through I wanted to do a December check in based on my December plan.  Project? I think I’m done. I sent the email this morning saying final final final should be done. So…fingers crossed nothing goes wrong in the process and I’m done with this. Podcast promotion: Pt 1: I did to a little bit of a push, I did a giveaway, I got some more reviews. Can always do more. Submissions are open…
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S1.38 Gray Walls

Gray Walls is written by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos Kyriakos studied in England, the University of Essex, and has a degree in Philosophy. He works as a seminar organizer for the municipality of the city of Thessaloníki, in Greece. Seminars created include ancient and enlightenment philosophy, literature and computer 3d modeling. Published in a number of Greek periodicals and newspapers, he also has a collection of stories- titled Chrysalis- printed since October of 2015, from local literary publishers Anatypon. Read more Music…
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December Plan!

November is easy to plan for as an author. At least if you are planning for NaNo. I read a recent post planning for the whole of 2017. I’m not sure I’m ready to plan out for all next year. Not that I haven’t done that. Just when I do that I tend to over plan, and then panic, and then stall. So…let’s not do that. My December plan! I have a couple goals for this month. Finish up a…
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A couple of interesting posts about pet peeves when reading made me think about it a bit. (Thank you Allison Maruska and the link she shared to A Writer’s Path!) My pet peeves I think these change. Mary Sue? I’m currently kind of unbothered by Mary Sue and I have thoughts about how much is that really a problem in the way that we hate the character, and how much is it a problem in the way we talk about…
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S1.21 An Axe

An Axe is written by Mariah Avix. An Axe is a Smoke Jumper story. Look for Faye’s novella, Summer Solace, in the spring. Mariah Avix is the creator of 600 Second Saga. A space for developing authors to explore the realms of science fiction and fantasy in 10 minutes or less every week. Mariah writes magical tales of how technology will change our world, and technologically laced tales of magic, that probably isn’t real. She is currently working on a…
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Dangerous Metal trailer

I have a pretty thing to share! A Dangerous Metal trailer. A huge thank you to Stefan Budansew for the work on this trailer. The audiobook is currently going through final checks so it should be out soon. I’m very excited about having it live. The July 29th episode of the podcast will also be Dangerous Metal related. I will have some more updates later this week, and a roundup post of some kind.

Dangerous Metal

I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t been posting as much last week and this. But it is all for a good reason. I’m putting the finishing touches on my novel and getting it ready for launch. Dangerous Metal is a cyberpunk thriller and I’ve got some brand new things to share. Covers I will, of course, be doing an audiobook version as well. (Recording is what has been devouring my time.) Description Eva is happy to get her life…
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Is it ok to like your own work?

I’m currently recording Dangerous Metal (which I hope to have out by the end of August!) and I’ve a few times run across lines that have genuinely made me smile and go, oh I really like this. Today’s: “You watch too many movies. I do more than drive recklessly and shoot blindly.” He was smiling, the tension easing. “I also do paperwork.” It isn’t entirely a light-hearted romp about paperwork. (Read not at all light-hearted.) I was going to write…
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