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I’ve got a giveaway for audiobooks to announce! (This is my first giveaway so if there are any problems, please let me know.) You can win a free audiobook at Audible.  If you don’t know about Audible they are a great place to get audiobooks. You can either subscribe and get a credit every month (or a year’s worth up front) or you can buy a book here or there. (I was a member long before they were bought by…
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Reading Roundup

A little bit nerdy a little bit awesome a reading roundup this week. Not a list of books, but of very interesting tidbits of reading. (Hey these roundups aren’t always tied up neatly together, sometimes they are just some cool things I read during the week or stumbled across!) Reading How NOT to read like a beta reader from Kate Heartfield I absolutely run into this when I do a lot of reading for …not pleasure. It is such a…
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S1.8 Into the Leaden Sky

Into the Leaden Sky by Stefan Budansew. Read the text for Into the Leaden Sky You can learn more about Stefan Budansew. You can support him by purchasing Immersion. Stefan Budansew has been storyteller his entire life, however he only started writing the stories down in 2013. Initially encouraged by Nanowrimo, Stefan published his first short novel in 2015, and has several other works in progress. He also assists with the 600 Second Saga podcast and encourages others to share…
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Publicity Roundup

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about publicity, marketing, outreach, and such recently so I thought I’d do a publicity roundup. These are a few of the more interesting links, resources, and even an ad I ran across. Publicity infographic Infographic from Book Baby. Because infographics are pretty. I am doing most of the things on the list…ok like halfish…I am working on developing a couple contests, likely for audiobooks, coming up soon. Stay tuned! Spending an hour a day…
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Why Audio?

So why audio? Why do I make it? Why produce things as audiobooks? I like to write, so why do audio? I recognize not a lot of authors create audio, and even fewer authors create their own audio. (Which is 100% ok!) I was asked why I did it, especially when I talked a little about how much work it is. My experience I’ve actually got a good bit of experience in doing audio. Not entirely like audiobooks or podcasts…
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S1.7 Relics: A Land Destroyed beta v.8.14

Relics: A Land Destroyed beta v.8.14 by Mariah Avix. You can learn more at 600 Second Saga. 600 Second Saga is currently accepting 1,000 word sci-fi and fantasy flash fiction. Please visit our website to learn about how you can submit your work to give voice to your world. Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5 star review on your podcast tool or by becoming a patron.

Messy Roundup

My thoughts are a bit mess this week so it is leading to a bit of a messy roundup. Have you read blahblahblah I told you messy. I both love and despise all of the lists about what you should read and what you have to read and what you are a horrible person if you don’t read and what you aren’t a real writer if you don’t read and whatever. They always say more about the people compiling them…
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Post Camp Nano

So we are now post Camp Nano. How did I do? Goals? My goal was to rewrite a novel. I knew it was going to need a lot of changes. But I was hoping I could focus and get the editing of it done. So that I could move forward with that series. I thought this might be a big goal, but I thought it was doable. But poorly considered… I just started a podcast. It has only been going…
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The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis

Chuck Wendig had a challenge and while his challenge wasn’t, stop editing and write something new, mine was. The challenge was pick from a list of titles (The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis) and then go forth and write 1,000 words. I’ve been editing and working on writing related stuff so much I haven’t done anything just straight up out of whole cloth lately. So I took this challenge with gusto! I’m posting here before I get all out of gusto…
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S1.6 An Ill-fated Scarf

An Ill-fated Scarf by M L Moos M L Moos writes YA fantasy and is currently working on a magical trilogy featuring three young heroines and an undersea treasure hunt adventure. To learn more, visit her Facebook page. She lives in Washington with her husband, two boys and one country cat with a cougar alter ego. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s either baking, volunteering at her church or watching Jane Austen movies to make up for the overabundance…
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