Audio is a powerful tool for reading. Don’t have time? Can’t? Visual processing issues? Prefer to have someone read to you? I’ve got some free audio.

If you enjoy these please check out the books (mine and others!) that I’ve narrated on

Free Audio:

The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis

Ring of Bullets

The Crow of Nine-World

Cold Escape

Unleashed Pt 1-2

Unleashed is the first 2 chapters in a novella that will be a part of an anthology, Monsters in the City. Unleashed is about a woman who falls in love with a dog who turns out to be a man who is a wolf.

False Gods

Want more?

Check out 600 Second Saga.

600 Second Saga is a weekly science fiction and fantasy podcast. Every week we feature an author and their vision of the fantastic, futuristic, and far-fetched. Each tale is an escape in less than ten minutes to a world of epic fantasy, cyberpunk, shifters, aliens, magic, and more.

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