S1.37 Vein Raiders

  Vein Raiders is written by S.H. Mansouri. Vein Raiders was first published in The Machinery – A Literary Collection S.H. Mansouri lives in southern California with the love of his life, Cymphonee. After receiving his B.S. in biology from the University of California, Riverside, he worked as laboratory technician on projects ranging from blood-borne pathogens to malaria research and prevention. He’s been published in Acidic Fiction, The Manor House Podcast, The Dead Oaks Podcast, Cirsova Magazine, Best Horror Shorts,…
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I’m going to fail at NaNoWriMo

I’ve never failed at it quite like this, but wow am I going to fail. Frankly? I’m not even trying anymore. Which super isn’t like me.  I know what the problem is. I’m recording a novel. This…might be something I do very little of going forward. A big part of it is just how I operate, how my brain works. The project isn’t due for months, literally months. But I cannot handle having it hanging over my head so I’m…
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Loud does not mean extroverted

I’m loud. Like really loud. My voice is loud. I tend to be physically loud (I make big gestures, I take up a lot of physical space). I can fill a 1,000 room + space without an issue.  I’m also incredibly introverted. I’m not good with people. I come home to my space, quiet, safe, human free space. I expect days of quiet alone time after I have to do an event or a party.  People seem to be deeply…
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Random Roundup

Mostly not of this earth, but a little of this earth. Just a normal random roundup. Also humans. Not of this Earth Planetary rings are incredibly beautiful. They may be the remnants of the destruction of dwarf planets. The rings are pieces of Dwarf Planets that got torn off in passing, which were then ripped to pieces! Juno – I don’t care how old this is – is out of safe mode and awesome. NASA is awesome. Humans managed to…
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An Interview with me!

Check out the latest episode of the Getting Published podcast (actually check them all out, they are very good). But in the latest episode Peter interviews me about NaNoWriMo, 600 Second Saga, Dangerous Metal, and much much more. I highly recommend the podcast overall and it was a lot of fun to do the interview with Peter.

NaNoWriMo progress update

Ugh. The good I’m getting somewhere. I’ve dug back in and set things up and am through the first few scenes. I think I am actually doing a lot of what needed to be done. Gently weaving in some character things, some backstory (apparently it felt a little out of nowhere to show 3/4 of the way through that the MC had been imprisoned…yeah, trying to front load that tidbit), physical descriptions, and world building. My first pass through beta…
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Thoughts on Scrivener and writing for NaNo

These are some (slightly messy! sorry) thoughts on Scrivener and writing for NaNo. I’ve shifted a lot of where and how I do the Nano writing. A few years ago I did it all in Pages on my iPad. I think 2 years ago I did it all in Google Docs and that was the year I fought A LOT with the slow down of google docs. When it gets big it gets really slow and clunky to maneuver. I…
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My Approach to NaNoWriMo

I’m going to talk a bit about my approach to Nanowrimo this year… It may be TMI? Maybe? I’m trying to share. I was talking with someone recently about how much I love Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast. She’s so open and honest. (Or appears she is at least.) I like the ones where she just tells you how she’s feeling and what’s happening even more than the interviews. Like oh, she can do it, not every day…
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S1.32 The Woman and the Wolf

The Woman and the Wolf by Mariah Avix. Mariah Avix is the creator of 600 Second Saga. Mariah writes magical tales of how technology will change our world, and technologically laced tales of magic, that probably isn’t real. She is currently working on a series of novellas about shapeshifters who fight wildfires, a trilogy about a woman who refuses to admit that she has the M word (magic), and endless flash fiction. Her novel Dangerous Metal is available in audiobook…
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