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A character

The latest Flash Fiction Challenge at terribleminds. A character in 250 words. (Luckily not 250 characters…)

I pull the blankets up over my face and whine. I hide in the warmth of the bed, but my brain won’t shut up. I sigh dramatically and throw the heavy quilt off, swinging my feet over the edge of the bed. The familiar metal on cement sound of my feet rings out. I stomp over to the stove and pull it open tossing in more wood and coughing at the smoke.

I check the news and toss it aside in seconds. I’m looking for something, but I don’t know what it is. Every day I make sure the house is secure, I read the news, I play games, I fix what breaks. Mostly though, I wait.

The good days are the ones when things break, on the house or me. Then I spend hours, if I’m lucky days or weeks in the shop fixing it. The problem is every time I fix something it’s less likely to break down, a few more months and I’ll have upgraded everything.

I try the new harpoon I installed in my arm, mostly it’s a fire stirrer,  leaning in too close, I my face and shoulders get scorchingly hot. I pull it out of the fire, covered in soot and curse. I pick up the cloth in my hand to wipe the poker off. It’s still too hot to touch and I curse some more.

I wander into the shop and start messing with the printer to try something new for today.