Writing Prompt: Robot Friends

The robot uprising terrifies us. I’ve never really gotten it. Well I get it, we are afraid of ourselves and in some weird weird ways of what comes after us. I personally very much hope that the children of today are better than me, and their children are better. I want the world to get easier, and then for those kids to be able to do more.

If children don’t have to fight to be fed they’ll have all that energy to spend on much more important things. Which is amazing.

What does this have to do with robots? Because the good vision of robots could be children who don’t need to spend energy on fighting to eat and so can cure and solve all the things. Happy robot stories.

A great nerdy podcast Indoorswomen had an episode about this recently. Here’s the very short clip.

So write that great story about the robot saving the world, or making lives better, or creating opportunities for people to succeed because they aren’t struggling to eat.

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