Switching Costs

I use mostly Apple products at home.

I’ve had a few issues and questions and some people have asked me why lately. I also listened to an episode of Cortex (that I can’t seem to find anymore) that talked about switching costs.

So why do I use Apple products?

(I don’t exclusively, but enough that it is my prominent computing tool at home.)

NOT Microsoft!

Because I use MS tools at work and when I get home I want to NOT have to fight with Microsoft tools anymore. After the last couple months where I spent a huge amount of time fighting with a bunch of Microsoft tools this is the prominent reason in my mind. I do NOT want to leave the evils of those jerks who were personally attacking me and my limits (not really but it felt like it) and deal with it more. Just let me go home and not think about work.

My first

Because it was my first primary computer. Long Long Ago before apple was cool, I was given a handmedown machine for college that was an apple laptop and it was awesome. I learned a lot of how to compute on that machine. It was natural to keep working in that sphere as I grew up and finally got to the point of buying my own machines.

Less support

Because I don’t support windows machines for my friends and family. I don’t work under the hood of personal windows machines. I just don’t. So I don’t know much. And I’ve let myself drift farther and farther from what I’ve known. Anyone who has been the techiest person in their sphere has gotten asked to fix something. At this point I just say I don’t support anything that isn’t apple. And I know if it is an apple and I can’t quick fix it I can direct people to the apple stores. I don’t need to keep the name of someone on me at all times. Just go to a store and ask for help. If they can’t help you I can’t then I don’t know what to do for you.


I’m already bought into the software. I know how to use it and it would be very time expensive and money expensive to switch. I own a lot of books in iBooks.  So many other things.


I’m not interested in switching. The amount of new software I’d have to learn is less now than it used to be because now I’m a part of a lot of online based tools. But it would still be a tremendous amount of learning, time investment would be tremendous. I’d have to spend weeks to learn it and go through the frustration of that to get to a fraction of where I’m at with the tools I currently work in.

It would be expensive to rebuy everything.

I’d have to come up with new ways to say, no, I’m not going to help you but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means that I don’t enjoy spending hundreds of hours working for free on this thing I find boring and frustrating.

Does that mean I think it is the best or the way I’m doing it is right? Nope. It just means it is what works for me and I’m not interested in switching at this point. May I in the future? Sure…the math on it might change in many ways so I may change. I may feel comfortable splitting at some point and using different tools rather than staying in the same sphere the whole way. So many things could change.

But this is where I’m at right now.

(I just really hope to see a new high end desk top machine from apple in the next year or so…)


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