One Year of Podcasting

It’s been a whole year! I’ve now got one year of podcasting complete. There are 52 episodes of 600 Second Saga! 53, because there was a bonus episode in there.

Have a listen!

It’s been a great year. I’ve read so many amazing stories. I cannot thank the amazing authors who have been a part of this year enough. Thank you to everyone who has given me the opportunity to share their stories.

Thank you to the amazing listeners. I love hearing from people who listen to the podcast. I know as a podcast listener that most people who listen never say anything, so to those of you who listen and haven’t said anything, I get it! To those of you who have, I really appreciate it. (And so do the authors.) The reason I do this is to share amazing stories with listeners like you. Thank you.


We will be taking a short break before Season 2. I’ve managed 52…53 episodes, so we are going to take a little break between seasons here. It’s only a couple weeks to make a few changes and upgrades to gear and set up to make things better. All of the back episodes are there and will continue to be there. We won’t be taking down old seasons so you can always listen. Go back and relisten to your favorites, discover new favorites, and tune back in soon!

Season 2

We’ll be back at the start of April and moving from Friday release to Wednesday release. You’ll be able to listen on your way to work Thursday mornings!

M L Moos who has done some amazing pieces for us will kick off Season 2 with a great new story on April 5th.

I am still looking for submission for Season 2. And the offer to give feedback on pieces is still open, just let me know if you are interested in feedback and I’m happy to help.

I’m looking forward to an amazing Season 2 and many more.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Elizabeth Drake

    Wow! Super accomplishment. I hope you’re giving yourself a little party or something. Seriously. Wow.

    1. Mariah Avix (Post author)

      No party yet. I feel like it hasn’t sunk in yet. 🙁


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