What’s the point?

I’ve been wondering a little lately what’s the point? Not in general. I mean a little in general. But specifically with intellect. What’s the point in being the smartest person in the room if you never bring anyone with?

At the times in my life I’ve recognized that I’m smart (which are not all the times, sometimes I haven’t been…sometimes I haven’t recognized it) I want to do what it takes to bring everyone else along. I don’t want people to fall behind. I don’t want people to get frustrated, flustered, or hurt because they aren’t able to keep up.

Not My Job

I’ve heard a few people who are smart revel in their intelligence and just let others fall behind.

I feel like this is sort of an idea of bootstraps but in another kind of way. You just have to get yourself there, you have to do it on your own.

But I think that part of being smart, especially part of being the smartest person in the room is helping others. If you can’t explain things to people who don’t already know it…how well do you really understand it. You might not be able to get them up to your level, but you should be able to get people a large part of the way.

Sometimes that means stopping and explaining it in a new way. Use an analogy, a metaphor, a story, anything. Do something to help people. Don’t just keep repeating the same phrase over and over.

It’s So Obvious

I’ve done this. I’m trying to do less of this. Some things are, or seem to be, super obvious to one person and completely obscure to another. I see this when I step into another world. I think other people should regularly step into another world. Do something that is someone else’s expertise where you have to. Learn something and feel a little out of your depth. Or don’t even learn it, but have to deal with something in your world that isn’t your thing. That uncomfortable, lost, frustrated feeling. Remember that.

When was the last time you had to deal with something that was outside your realm of expertise that made you feel lost and concerned?

(By the way. I’m not feeling great, I’ve been sick for the last week plus, really rough shape. Ugh. If I’ve missed contact with you please reach out to me again. Thank you for your patience.)


  1. Elizabeth Drake

    Sometimes, I think it’s more about question of they don’t understand that you don’t get it.

    There’s this man who runs all things touching our ERP. I hate working with him. He’s so brilliant, literally sees all the thousands of connections in our ERP effortlessly, that he assumes I do, too. Then speaks to me on that level. I need a translator.

    1. Mariah Avix (Post author)

      This is very much the kind of person I’m thinking of. I feel like….no that person isn’t that smart. If they were they could see that AND THEN speak to you on the level that works for you. They are more interested in showing off their knowledge, or they don’t know how to shift it to a level that works for the people they are talking to. I know a few people like this and some how the brilliant people who can’t translate are revered above those who are brilliant AND can translate. That frustrates me I guess. I think that the real brilliance comes in being able to see all the connections and give you just what you need. Communicating it, translating it, transmitting it. Without that you just have worthless information stowed up in someone’s head that never comes out.

      It’s like the person who has an amazing book that they never write. It kind of doesn’t matter until you sit down and do the actual work to put pen to paper and write the thing. A novel in your head doesn’t exist. A novel on paper might be flawed, but it exists and that’s way more important.

  2. Louise@DragonspireUK

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂
    Spreadsheets make me feel so lost. My other half is an expert: to him it comes so easily that he explains things far too fast for me. On the flip side, whenever I talk English, or spelling, or writing, he feels lost! We both have strengths and weaknesses, and have to remember to slow down when we are explaining the things we are best at.


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