First a theory on horror then my own (mild) horror.

Do you like horror?

I expect that you can tell if a person likes horror or not by what happens when they have a benign scare. Like when a person taps you on the shoulder, or comes up behind you, or opens a door, or the like. Not when they are intending to be mean, but when they are just going about their business or trying to politely get your attention.

If that happens and after you jump or scream, you laugh? You like horror.

If that happens and after you jump or scream, you’re not laughing? Don’t like horror.

Anyone have any other information? Contradictions? Which kind of person are you?

I recently had a moment like this when I and another person surprised each other. It was totally unintentional. We both had a panic moment. The other person laughed, I did not. I wonder if you could force this response and if that response would eventually become automatic, and then at that point would you start to enjoy horror?

Hacking horror

My site was hacked yesterday, I cleaned it up. Today I took the site entirely offline and started over. There was no malicious code, but I just wanted to make sure everything was clean.

It should be back up and running at full capacity. I have some back end things that aren’t working (and some of the old freestanding audio isn’t uploaded again, so listen to the podcast instead! :))

I’ll keep working on getting the color and look and feel back to what I am aiming for, suggestions welcome!


  1. nicohle christopherson

    I never thought of it that way, but you might be right. Empirical study may be required. This is interesting. I personally love horror, and I tend to laugh after i’m scared silly, if only because wow, embarrassing, right? It makes sense though that you would work that out. From what I can tell, you’re incredibly intelligent!

    1. Mariah Avix

      Empirical study is good. This is entirely something that could be done at the undergrad level too! I totally agree it’s embarrassing, but my reaction isn’t to laugh, so yeah, it’s weird! I would love to see some real research on this. So far my sample size is unblinded untested and like 7 people, but holds true. Thank you for the comment 🙂


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