Depressing, sad, and nerdy


I love SMBC. They are weirdly nerdy in so many wonderful ways. Like this one about pop music. And if you are like ugh pop music, SERIOUSLY GO LOOK! You’ll thank me.

Another wonderful comic site, Indexed. This one is something I need to remember over and over and over. We still try. We need to try. Keep trying.

Vaccines are awesome

Seriously, there is probabally someone reading this that is alive because of them. They save lives. Vaccines save lives. Vaccines keep people from getting sick at all. Vaccines keep people from getting acutely ill. So what does the current asshole with all the power want to do? Kill people. Not sorry. That’s what shit like this will do. People will die. Human beings will die if the complete lies that another asshole who was only trying to make money manage to gain traction.

Adults need boosters too. Check yours. Save a life.

Technology is awesome

Heart pumping gif

Heart pumping

I could watch this gif all day, despite the super bloody nature of it, it is still amazing.

This is what happens when you invest research money into science and a range from basic science research all the way to direct impact and outcomes you can …wear? Do you wear a silicone sleeve around your heart? I think wear.

Also from Ars (I do like Ars a lot) net neutrality.

Republicans at the FCC and Congress say they intend to repeal or replace net neutrality rules. Trump’s transition team is also reportedly pushing a proposal to strip the Federal Communications Commission of its role in overseeing competition and consumer protection and to move those functions to the Federal Trade Commission.

If you care about the internet, go read the whole thing. If you are reading this right now? The internet matters to you. Go read the whole thing. Net neutrality matters to you. Even if you aren’t sure? I’m sure for you. It matters to you if you are reading this.



  1. Elizabeth Rose

    Another fight for net neutrality. I will be there.

    The US pays more for Internet than any other developed country, in some cases more than 30% more, yet we have the slowest speeds. We’re also the only developed country with legal monopolies. Coincidence?

    And yes, get vaccinated! Vaccinate your kids! Omg, if you’ve ever seen whooping cough, measles, etc I can’t understand how you’d risk yourself or your kids.

    1. Mariah Avix

      So much frustration here on so many things. I feel so overwhelmed with all of the lies. I wrote one of my senators a long thing last night about facts and how important they are. Facts. Vaccines work. Fact! Net neutrality is important for democracy. Fact! People who voted for trump would benefit deeply from net neutrality. Fact!! I know what those rural net speeds are like. Dial up would be ashamed of those numbers.


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