December check in

Now that we are over halfway through I wanted to do a December check in based on my December plan


I think I’m done. I sent the email this morning saying final final final should be done. So…fingers crossed nothing goes wrong in the process and I’m done with this.

Podcast promotion:

Pt 1: I did to a little bit of a push, I did a giveaway, I got some more reviews. Can always do more. Submissions are open and I’m looking for pieces for February and March. (I also took part in Raimey Gallant’s Blog Hop which falls under this a little maybe. Hi, new readers! Submissions are open for the podcast for February and March!)

Pt 2: I haven’t reached out to other podcasters. This is one of those things that makes me nervous beyond reason and sense. Checking to make sure the door is locked for 10 minutes kind of anxiety. I am totally interested in being a guest on a podcast. I can talk about lots of stuff. (For an actual list, ask!)

Pt 3: Make playlists. This I have done! Fantasy playlist on YouTube and SciFi playlist on YouTube. I’m open to other playlist suggestions. I’m thinking humorous episodes might be on my list of things to make as well.


Write 2 flash fiction pieces….I started and abandoned one. It was…not good. That’s ok.

Brain break: For reasons I haven’t really done this. I really need to. I’m concerned it won’t happen.

Jenna’s first book: I took a swing and a miss at this. I need to swing again.


Finish the current project: Nearly done

Finish the novella: Got another chapter and a half done

Check in with anthology: did, there is nothing yet, check again in January

(And as always podcast just sort of lurks here in the audio section, unspoken.)

How’s your December plan coming along?


  1. raimeygallant

    I’m in awe of how much you’ve accomplished.

    1. Mariah Avix

      Thanks! I was feeling really crummy about my accomplishment so far this month. It is good to check in and hear it isn’t terrible output. Thank you!

      (And thank you again for the massive coordination efforts.)

  2. Elizabeth Rose

    Wow, you have accomplished so much and the month is only 60% over!

    I’m still slogging away on a rewrite. 55% of the way through…

    1. Mariah Avix

      55% of the way through is great! I think I’m feeling bad because I haven’t started working on my rewrite. I really need to stop and think about it some more. But the rest I am making progress on. Perspective! Thank you!

      1. Elizabeth Rose

        And with rewriting, you need the time to think. To figure out where you’re going and build your castles from the sand you threw in the box on your first draft. Rewriting is not my favorite :/

        1. Mariah Avix

          Very much so. And I keep wondering if I should actually keep working on this. Is it salvagable? Should I work on a different project? Should I tighten it up a LOT and make it the opening to the second book?
          I’m still really unsure and I think that’s slowing me down.

          1. Elizabeth Rose

            Fair enough. Better to be slow and thoughtful than to throw more time at a project you might not believe in yet.

            Sounds like you need a nice long walk, drive, or whatever it is that spurs your imagination.

          2. Mariah Avix

            I do, and I need that block of time when my brain is fresh, not burned out. That’s a trick too isn’t it?

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