I’m going to fail at NaNoWriMo

I’ve never failed at it quite like this, but wow am I going to fail.

Frankly? I’m not even trying anymore. Which super isn’t like me. 

I know what the problem is. I’m recording a novel. This…might be something I do very little of going forward. A big part of it is just how I operate, how my brain works. The project isn’t due for months, literally months. But I cannot handle having it hanging over my head so I’m pushing everything else aside it work on it. 

It gives a weirdly false impression of how I work when I do this. And I’ve done a bunch of novellas, but primarily novellas and projects that are 2 weeks of work or less.  I can get them done and have the feeling of accomplishment. (Which I super love.) But they aren’t hanging over me until I finish them (well they are, but they are much easier to be done with).

I’m working with an author I think is great and I trust to do all the right stuff or I wouldn’t be working on another novel (that wasn’t mine!) at all. But even still? I’m going to be more wary. 

So…a note to future me

This feeling of panic happens, you have to set aside all other work and record as long as you can and then edit during the week and you leave no time or brain space for other creative endeavors. It is ok to do it, but know that until you finish the project, nothing else significant will happen. Accept that.

For current me?

It’s ok to focus on getting this done. But then no excuses, buckling down to try to get this edit finished. I’ve got a good plan. I’ve got a good start. A good strategy. Good characters added. Good characters removed. (Appropriate maybe…they aren’t all …good…) But I don’t have words that aren’t “good” right now. So finish. Get the editing done. Get the last recorded. Get the changes recorded. 

Then sit down in December and January and hammer out Jenna’s story. Take the chisel and really work that draft into something worth sharing. 

And write a short or two in the meanwhile. 

No more excuses.

Art is important. 

So yes, I’m going to fail at NaNoWriMo, and it’s not great, but it’s ok. I’m learning something important. Hopefully I’ll actually take the lesson to heart this time. If not, future me, knock that shit off!


  1. Elizabeth Rose

    Yeah, it can be hard to keep the creativity flowing when you’re working so hard on something else.

    I’ve been trying to work on one story while editing a second, and it has so not worked!

    Let me know if you find a magic bullet on this.

    1. Mariah Avix

      I’m hoping yelling at future me helps. And telling the people I’m close to and that I talk with when I’m thinking about projects. Having someone say “Hm…are you sure that’s a good idea?” Can help. In theory. I did, wisely, turn down some projects that would have made this all 10x worse. But I think a lot of it is learning…limits? Boundaries? What is actually achievable considering the rest of life?

      And then being ok with that.

  2. budansew

    I’m with you in the same situation, well.. different cause, but same outcome. I’m going to fail Nano this year. How about we do our own Dec/Jan nano (err..or macro) to finish our respective novels 🙂 It also means I’m going to need to pay full price for Scriviner.. since I’m liking the software more and more.

    1. Mariah Avix

      Keep working on it I will. 🙂

      Scrivener has a discount for NaNo participation I believe, and there might be one for cyber Monday so check today.

      1. budansew

        Oooh.. going to check I will 🙂

        1. Mariah Avix

          I sent you a message with the link to the cyber Monday discount!


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