NaNoWriMo progress update


The good

I’m getting somewhere. I’ve dug back in and set things up and am through the first few scenes. I think I am actually doing a lot of what needed to be done. Gently weaving in some character things, some backstory (apparently it felt a little out of nowhere to show 3/4 of the way through that the MC had been imprisoned…yeah, trying to front load that tidbit), physical descriptions, and world building. My first pass through beta readers felt confused and didn’t know the characters well until much later on. I know this is an ongoing problem. I don’t describe enough.

So I’m doing that. And I think I’m doing an ok job. At least adding in enough that I’ll have something to work with rather than writing a stick figure in a white room. (Fine for some flash fiction, but not really ok for a novel, let alone a trilogy.)

The bad

I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, underaccomplished, and bad. Just bad. I’ve only gotten most of 2 chapters done. I’ve not crossed 10K which is really where I should be by now. I’ve got a long way to go.

The hopeful

The podcast is still going very well. It’s part of what keeps slowing me down. I really do love the chance to share and promote other authors. I’m still trying to make my own work happen, but I put the narration and the podcast first, and I’m entirely good with that. 

I’ve also done some other good things like I’m a guest on a great podcast Getting Publishing this week. (I’ll share a link when it is out.)

I’m doing ok (I think) of sharing and updating on Twitter. 

And I am actually making progress. And despite all the things, I think that is enough of a success to feel hopeful that I will keep moving forward to where I need to be on this.

Where are others at? NaNoWriMo? Other projects? Anyone else doing a Not NaNo thing and feeling a little weird about it?


  1. Elizabeth Rose

    I am starting to really hate NaNoWriMo and what it does to writers.

    You’ve accomplished a lot. You’ve made great progress. While I’m all about goals, the stress this is causing just isn’t worth it. So what if it takes you 6 weeks instead of 5? Or 8 weeks? Or even 6 months?

    You’re working hard, you making progress, and you should be proud of that.

    In NaNoWrMo makes you feel bad, chuck it. You were doing super well before it started, and that was without the stress and bad feelings.

    1. Mariah Avix

      You’re the best.

      I get really hard on myself when I feel like I’m falling behind, which is often. But yeah. You’re totally right. It is ok if this takes longer. Especially because I’m trying to write much more polished this go.

      How is NaNo going in your household?


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