S1.32 The Woman and the Wolf

The woman and the wolf
The woman and the wolf

The Woman and the Wolf by Mariah Avix.

Mariah Avix is the creator of 600 Second Saga.
Mariah writes magical tales of how technology will change our world, and technologically laced tales of magic, that probably isn’t real.
She is currently working on a series of novellas about shapeshifters who fight wildfires, a trilogy about a woman who refuses to admit that she has the M word (magic), and endless flash fiction.
Her novel Dangerous Metal is available in audiobook and ebook.

Music is provided by MADS.

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2 thoughts on “S1.32 The Woman and the Wolf

    1. Thank you very much! This was a little different than the other Halloween pieces, but I couldn’t resist the vampire, werewolf, and witch trifecta 🙂 Thanks and I hope you continue to enjoy.

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