Pretty roundup

A pretty roundup of pretty things…ooo shiny.


Solar system jewelry – not to scale…to scale would be interesting.


Punctuation hated by authors from Mental Floss

I have to say I’m with Vonnegut. Not a fan of the semicolon. When there is a need for it, like in a complex list, I’m always trying to find a way around it. It seems so pretentious and assy. Sort of like the word whom. Really? Whom? Whom sounds like “go fuck yourself I went to a fancy fucking school you peasant”…that might just be to me…

And pull it all together with…Punctuation Jewelry!


Though if I’m honest, what I really want is a big cuff bracelet with a bunch of interrobangs

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  1. Elizabeth Rose

    I’m part magpie and a sucker for pretty things. That solar system jewelry is super fun!


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