Book and iPad Pro

Lots of good things! A book (a novella really) comes out on Friday and I got my iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

I love it. Oh it is so nice. I have a few small things to work out still. But I can do all the updates for what happens after an episode goes live on the iPad Pro. This means I don’t have to be at home every single Friday night. I have to be at a connection to do all the “It’s Now Live!” stuff. The keyboard is great. The pencil is super natural. I keep sticking it in my hair and grabbing it out which it does well. It is smooth and a great weight.

It has all the features that I wanted, I’ve got a lot of things installed. I really feel like I’ve got it set up well. I still might have to reorganize the screens a bit to make it feel natural for what each screen is for. It works well to write in the spots I need to write. I can post and social media and all the things.

I still of course need the workhorse to record and edit the podcasts, but I can manage the rest from the iPad Pro.

And I got a fancy decal and case with the 600 Second Saga logo!

Book: Oak Stream Hollow

It officially releases on Friday, and there will be a podcast episode as well. But it is out early in audiobook so you can check it out on Audible now. If you’d prefer ebook format your usual purveyors like Amazon should all have it for preorder now.

Heather lost her job, her house is in foreclosure. All she needs now is a huge medical bill. But when Heather finds herself transforming, will she find anything in the world worth keeping?

This urban fantasy novella was a lot of fun to write. It is a single stand alone novella. Not one of a series (which I also enjoy and will have some of coming out next year) or something that will be a novella companion to a novel (which I’m going to hopefully have in an anthology later this year). But just a story. I like stories. I like telling a wide range of them and sometimes that means letting a story be over. Sometimes that means digging deeper and deeper into the world. I hope if you pick up Oak Stream Hollow you enjoy reading (or listening!) as much as I enjoyed writing.


  1. Elizabeth Rose

    So glad the iPad Pro is working out for you! I am soon to be in the market for a new computer, and I am still fence-sitting between a Mac to go with my iPad and and a PC because that’s what I’ve always had and what we use at work.

    For the cowards that follow you, is Oak Stream Hollow scary? (Okay, I know, I sound like i’m six, but there it is.)

    1. Mariah Avix

      Not scary! No warnings with this one. Well maybe if you work for a property development company you’ll be a little crabby, but you’ve handled worse. 🙂

      And you’re talking to the woman who has can’t give me nightmares as one of the qualifications on my podcast. I know from not scary.

      I like the Macs at home in part because I’ve had them since always. Plus when people ask for computer help (which is rarer since I say I can only help with macs) I can always direct them to the genius bar without worry. Plus I use a pc at work all day (and fight with microsoft so very very much) and it is nice to come home to a different environment. Mostly? It works for me. But I have to say, I could do 100% of writing from the iPad Pro I think. Which is kind of cool.


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