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Hopefully, there won’t be any issues with this, but there will be some shifting around on the website today. Ideally, you’ll notice nothing. You’ll see no difference. If you do, please hang in there and I’ll get it resolved as quickly as possible.

(This should be done by noon but I won’t be able to finish checking until tomorrow evening.)

And I don’t want to leave you hanging with just that information so updates on the “alien” signal.

Universe Today

Ars Technica (They communicate with ALIENS memes. Therefore aliens!)



  1. Elizabeth

    Do you do your own hosting? Did you design your own page? If not, how did you find help?

    I’m learning I need anot author website, and I am fuzzy on how to do that and incorporate by blog.

    1. Mariah Avix

      I’ve had this site for a long time. It is hosted with a company that is moving from tiny little things like my site to giant enterprise sites so they sold off my accounts and ones like mine to a new company (which is what the move today is).

      There are some tools but I do the design and such myself using WordPress. Since I’m not at WordPress I get some extra tools and can do a lot more stuff, have more flexibility with the changes I can make.

      WordPress does a lot of things that aren’t just blogs. I’m hoping to spend some time on 600 second saga this weekend and make it more of a magazine style site.

      What are you looking for?


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