S1.20 Great-great-great Grandpa Tangle Starembers

Great-great-great Grandpa Tangle Starembers by Efran Myles and is a Legend of Lord Randall Castle story.

Efran Myles is the pen name used by Christian author Beth Durkee for her YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi works. Durkee is a self-taught story-teller. She learned from listening to stories until she was old enough to read them and then reading stories until she knew how to competently compose them. A mother of two adults and an ex-military wife, the award-winning author now resides in a distraction-free small town where she happily dreams of stories to relay to readers. Find more information about Beth Durkee, aka Efran Myles, at www.bethdurkee.me, or at her author pages on AmazonSmashwords, and Goodreads.
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