Formatting pt 2

Formatting pt 2, I promised there would be more!

What to include?

The thing that was hard for me was what do you put in a book.

I looked at something like hundreds of ebooks. I looked at giant well known published by huge companies books and lots and lots of self published books. There are things all books should have, but even that? Not every book is the same.

I really liked this outline from JA Konrath


The only thing every book I looked at had was a copyright page. (Many of those were different). I read a bunch of stuff about this page and really tried my best to model it on what I needed and what seemed to be required.

Table of Contents

I was a little surprised not all movies had one. I really like having them, but not everyone does. The weirdest version I decided was not for me was the TOC at the end of the novel.


I wrote like 30 of these and trashed 30 of these. I’m not sure if I’m not good at it. If it was the book. If it was something else. Lots of authors had them, but it was far from universal.


OK I lied earlier. All books also had content!

About the Author

Not all books had one of these. A short bio, future projects, other things. This was hard to write as well, but once it is done, I’ve got a bio to use for lots of things. It was important to include. I struggled over which links to include, I still don’t know if that’s what I should have in there.

Also by…

I didn’t include this because Dangerous Metal is the first full length novel. The next project I’ve got coming out will have one of these pages. It does seem incredibly important. And it does seem like some authors are going in to update these, which I appreciate.

I really like when authors group them by genre or series. I like when these are linked and easy to get at.

This is something I need to do better with.

Other content

I don’t have anything that fits really well with this book. This may still be an error. I have 4 novella’s that are pretty close to ready to go, it would have been easy to include them. Except they are all much more urban fantasy bent. I like both fantasy and sci-fi (hey! have you heard of the podcast? I’m really really big tent with that!) but not everyone does.


I think looking at it now that I may have been overly conservative. I have a tendency to do this in things. Like no one will want to read the excerpt of Oak Stream Hollow! ACK Dangit Mariah. Share! Put it out there. I’m bad at this.

Next time?

MORE! Links! Extra content! Sharing! More, hey if you want more, there is more.

I love reading the next chapters at the end of a book I loved. Honestly? Even more when it is something I wouldn’t have normally read but also love. So yeah. I need to do some more of this. I also want to do better at sharing audio and promoting the audio. Mostly because I love audio and I want to share it.

Next time?

Oak Stream Hollow Rect

Oak Stream Hollow

See! Look at me trying to promote.

I’m working on it. Still working on it.


  1. Elizabeth

    Interesting. As a reader: I seldom use the table of contents, and never read the dedication unless its so short flipping through the page means I’ve read it.

    About the author I seldom read, but also by . . . If I loved the book, I totally check that out. And if I really loved the book, I will try to find the author’s website and follow them. If I can’t find the website, there’s a way to follow them on Amazon. Kinda sounds like creepy stalking. But really, it isn’t! Just interested in the next book.

    1. Mariah Avix

      Hm. I will admit I read far more as audio books. I end up using the toc often if I screw up and bump back or forward a chapter. And for nonfiction I’ll skip chapters sometimes.
      But many audio books don’t include the dedication even if there is one. Author follow on Amazon is there for a reason! Not stalkery.

      I’ve read about the authors but not frequently.

      This is a fantastic comment. I’m totally thinking about this the wrong way so WOOOO! I can rethink this from the user perspective instead for next time. What do I like as a reader.

      Thank you so much!!


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