For Dangerous Metal I went the self-publishing route, and some of my reasons for that were in last week’s post. Today I’m going to talk about distribution, why I am distributing the way I am.

First a failure!

Personally, I read on iBooks most of the time. If I have the option to read in iBooks or Kindle I pick iBooks every time. (I read enough on iBooks that I got enough money back to buy a couple of new author programs and new books!) I got set up with iTunes for the podcast very easily. I went well I’ll try to set up with iBooks directly.

Dangerous Metal ebook cover

Dangerous Metal ebook cover

…….no. Just no.

I knew you needed to own a Mac, I do, so no problem there. I knew that epub would work. Great. I can make an epub. (more on that later) I spent three nights after work fighting with it. Trying to find the iTunes Publisher, and get signed up because I need a different connect account and I need all this other stuff and emails weren’t coming through and you know what? Maybe next time. (And I will likely try again, just my frustration got too much so not this round.)

Actual Distribution with Kindle and Smashwords

My choice has been to submit directly to Amazon and submit everywhere else with Smashwords.

Direct to Amazon?

Some of the things I’ve published I’ve tried the exclusivity thing with. (Nothing has done well. I’m not doing it with Dangerous Metal for that and many other reasons.) I can upload the epub and so far it has always worked smoothly for me. It has been quick and easy to upload.

I’ve also had some concerns about the connection with ACX. For ACX you claim a book on Amazon and then set up from there. If the book is updated there can be Whispersync issues, etc.

For me, it makes a lot more sense to do Amazon directly.


I know that Smashwords is one of several different distribution companies (I read a bunch of stuff about Smashwords vs D2D. The primary downside of Smashwords seems to be that it is “harder” to format. The primary upside is that they have more distribution locations (libraries! and I can set a lower price for libraries). I haven’t had any format issues with Smashwords at all. The epub I’ve created has so far turned out just fine, no formatting throwbacks at all. So Smashwords works well for me.


You had to know it was coming! Audio distribution for me is through ACX. It is incredibly easy. Once the book was on Amazon (even just for pre-order) I can go into my ACX account and claim the book and then upload it.

The reason my audiobook was out before the ebook is because I can’t set a preorder date on ACX. I have a couple books that I narrated that have been hung up for a long time so I thought that it would be slower. HA!

ACX turned my book around and published it in under a week. It can sometimes take longer so it is a little hard to judge when that goes live. (The other book is still hung up, go figure!)

ACX sends the audiobook to Audible, iBooks, and Amazon.

I’m not 100% sure what gets something set up with Whispersync but most of my stuff has ended up Whispersync.


So Dangerous Metal has 3 primary distribution points. Amazon (KDP), Smashwords, and ACX.

But wait…what about paper?!

Nope. This may be an error, I’m not sure. I am open to working on this later. For me, paper books are a super low priority. I am not excited to see my book in the store. It isn’t something I am pushing for. I know I’m not going to go out and get my local bookstore to sell it on their shelves. (Because that would require talking…to people…) I don’t go to conventions (again…people….) or do events (with people….) so for me at this point I’m not doing that.

I might in the future. But I’m not right now for Dangerous Metal.


  1. Elizabeth

    So much for Apple being so easy your parents can use it. (At least mine!) Sounds super frustrating!

    You really did your research on this. I need to read the links (bookmarked this post and your other should I ever get up the nerve to e-publish)

    How does it feel now that it’s out there?

    1. Mariah Avix

      Eh, I’m going to go for maybe a false assumption on the first part. I don’t know that Apple really wants it to be Super Easy for authors. And there may be reasons for that, which I’m not entirely sure I’m against. I mean on one hand YES, it should be super easy. On the other hand, if you want to create gate keepers, creating them as can you understand the technology is a bad bad bad way to set up gate keeping. Set up gate keepers that check for plagiarism, check for formatting issues, or other things. So yes, this is bad, and it may be a bad way of going about a not entirely bad thing. Someone who is a lying liar can still work tech just fine. So gate keeping that way is bad face badness. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t what they were thinking. Anyway, sort of irrelevant. But I’ve been talking about gate keeping a lot today so it is on my mind.

      Only the audiobook is live (due to sort of how ACX works more than anything) and the book isn’t. But it is…scary. I’m afraid I’m going to get bad reviews. Actually I’m afraid I’m going to get reviews from people saying I hate men or I’m a feminazi or something, or that I know nothing about abusive relationship, or that smart women don’t get into abusive relationships so Evan can’t be smart, or are going to focus so much on that part of the story, which is sort of a lot of it kind of, but not entirely. So I’m a little worried about that. I’m worried more that it will find the wrong audience than that it won’t find an audience. Like if 3 people read it total? Oh well, I’ve learned a lot and can move forward. But if I get hundreds or heck even tens of hateful comments will I quit? Probably. And I don’t want that.

      Also? I’m super wordy today. WHEW!


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