Hot Hot Summer Roundup

My part of the world is hot. Gross, sticky, swimming through the air hot. And not just hot outside, but my office building is ish, it’s hard to brain when it is hot. To everyone who manages to brain work thing when it is hot my hat is off to you! So here’s a hot hot summer roundup. I’ll be back next week with more about Dangerous Metal and some formatting and publishing stuff.


hot hot summer

What is worse hot or cold?

This story isn’t as glib as my headline. Deaths from Heat and Cold from the Reality Check. A podcast from Canada. Where it is colder. Mostly. Depending on where in Canada.

Stay safe

If you get out to “enjoy” the outdoors and work out stay safe please! The Mayo has tips.


Whatever I’m 5 sometimes. I love the super cooled water trick. Though I may love the whole sodium acetate supercools to all warm and toasty levels more. Maybe.



  1. Elizabeth

    It’s crazy hot for us, too. All kinds of heat advisories, especially odd as we seldom break 90 degrees in the summer.

    My office, however, requires a light jacket it’s so cold!

    1. Mariah Avix

      Oh that would be such a nice break. I keep trying to figure out what is the lightest thing I can wear to work.


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