Finding a narrator on ACX

I’ve been…putting off my next real authorly project which is to do the recording on a book I’ve had sitting on the shelf for a year and a half or so. Instead I’ve picked up a couple of jobs on ACX, and I’ve read a ton of descriptions. So I thought I would put it off some more and give some tips on finding a narrator on ACX.

I’m not really an expert, I’ve only been doing it for about a half a year and I’ve only got a handful of books to my name and pen names.

These comments are really focused at authors looking for royalty share. Which means that the narrators aren’t getting paid anything up front and only make money when they author makes money.

Recording isn’t easy, treat your narrators well!

First some really good things I’ve seen authors do.


  • show that you are marketing (things I like, say that you have an email list, or are active on social media, whatever – if you are planning to do ads, you have another book coming out and will be promoting this one? All great things! Authors who put a brief marketing plan? Oh yeah, so much awesome.)
  • tell narrators what you are looking for
  • tell narrators if there is adult content (and a little idea of what kind of adult content is awesome)
  • explain that it is a series and you’d like the same narrator for the whole series (a timeline is super bonus for this)
  • think through if you want a male or female narrator (a female narrator for a male 1st person pov is a little odd, I can do a husky masculine voice, but I mostly think you aren’t paying attention – if you explain it, this is fine)
  • say that you already have a narrator
  • say up front if you have a goal date (new book release, signing, whatever)
  • respond, thank the narrator even if you don’t select them, especially if your book has been sitting for over a month, you want to build potential relationships here
  • reach out to narrators if you have a shorter deadline, you don’t have to just sit there and wait, a proactive author is a good thing here

Soon. I will start recording Dangerous Metal soon. But first, one more quick project!

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