Romance Planning

No not planning a romantic getaway, but romance planning for plot or story. I’ve had some troubles hanging onto my romance arcs. They seem to get shuffled to the background, which is frustrating when sometimes they’ve started as the primary point for the spark of the idea.

Every time it has shuffled to the back it was ultimately the right choice for the story. But I also wonder if I’m just not as strong at writing it so it is easier to shuffle than to strengthen.

So I took some time and read some stuff. Because reading!

Finding your Romance Arc

by Susan Warren

This talks about the Why/Why not vs the Why not/Why…I’m a little worried I don’t entirely understand it. But it sparked a few valuable things.

Make the Romance the Story Arc

by Scott Eagan

This is completely my problem. So I’m going to try something in the future that takes this plan the romance and backdrop the other thing approach.

The Seven Story Beats

by Kaye Dacus

This was really direct. I think my issue is that I hate hate hate #6! So I have to struggle through writing it to bring back around to #7.


Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for planning a romance or having it not get lost behind the other stories?

romance roundup

Sunset is romantic right?


  1. Elizabeth

    I haven’t read any of those books, so I’m not sure if they are good or helpful.

    What I do know is that I like stories with the romance front and center. I read a lot of those kinds of stories, so I know what I enjoy and what gets an eye roll.

    I would see if you can find a story you love with the romance arc being central. Then analyze it. What worked? Why did you love it?

    Look at a similar story you didn’t like. What did they do differently?

    The books might help, too. But I am an example person. I need to see it being done.

    1. Mariah Avix

      Oh no, I’m cheap and wanted it quick! These are all just blog posts 🙂
      I do definitely try to read a lot and read with a very critical eye. Examples are so helpful.


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