Summer Roundup

I wanted to go with a summer roundup, some things that relate to summer since we’ve fully entered summer here. There were some beautiful days and one lovely rainy one. I got a lot of audio done during the rain.

In summer things melt

Which can be great. And this video of things melting is a great way to waste 4 minutes. So cool.

Want a summer job?

How about cruising for the summer for google? Too much partying at night? Don’t worry you can take a nap.

Ok maybe I’m being a little snarky, but I’d rather someone fall asleep in traffic behind the wheel of a self driving car than a regular one, and they do, often.  It doesn’t make the news because it is so common, not because it doesn’t happen.

dog in water

Dog in water

Service dogs

Not only in the summer, but I see a lot more of them just hanging out during the summer.

Dogs can be trained amazingly well to be great companions and support.

If a handler is feeling anxious or uncomfortable, he or she can call their service dog to them as a way to relieve tension and stress.

Service dogs can be amazingly helpful, It is so impressive the training to get them ready to help.

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  1. Elizabeth

    A job where you can nap! Sign me up !


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