S1.8 Into the Leaden Sky

Into the Leaden Sky by Stefan Budansew.

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You can learn more about Stefan Budansew. You can support him by purchasing Immersion.

Stefan Budansew has been storyteller his entire life, however he only started writing the stories down in 2013. Initially encouraged by Nanowrimo, Stefan published his first short novel in 2015, and has several other works in progress. He also assists with the 600 Second Saga podcast and encourages others to share all the stories which they keep inside. Stefan has a love of science fiction, old-school tabletop gaming and video games. Stefan will be at Niagara Falls Comic Con on June 4th as Kingpin. (Image thanks to Pop Culture Landscape)

Kingpin - thanks to popculturelandscape.com

Music is provided by MADS.

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