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So we are now post Camp Nano. How did I do?

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Post Camp Nano blues


My goal was to rewrite a novel. I knew it was going to need a lot of changes. But I was hoping I could focus and get the editing of it done. So that I could move forward with that series. I thought this might be a big goal, but I thought it was doable.

But poorly considered…

I just started a podcast. It has only been going for a few months, and I’m determined to keep it going and it is a lot of work to make it happen. Promoting it, getting the word out, bringing in listeners and authors, supporting the authors with critique feedback, not to mention actually writing, editing, recording and producing.

Somehow I didn’t really managed to take that into account. I’m trying to balance a lot of things and I think that I’m trying to figure out what a good balance is. I’m learning.

Post Camp Nano debrief

I failed. Super duper failed. Super duper fantastical extraordinary failed. I at one point had a little done and I’ve actually gone backward. I have less done now than when I started the month. I had a couple of chapters edited. Now I have to throw the whole book out basically.

All is not lost

But on the upside (yes there is an upside here) I learned stuff. I learned a lot of stuff. Like I was creating a plan that might be overly ambitious, or aggressive, or three minutes of laughter…”you’re kidding right? oh ….shit.”

I learned that the structure I need to create for myself. I learned what I think for now a better plan would look like. I learned that I need to make sure I don’t go, I’m only going to edit. Editing is hard and in a lot of ways feels less creative and less like I’m doing a thing. So I need to weave in doing some writing and not only editing.

The novel?

So I went backward. Mostly. But I think I actually came up with a really good plan on how to make it actually work. I have good ideas on resolving the problems.

They are big changes, removing an entire character and spreading her actions between two other characters. Adding several more scenes. Changing one scene completely radically, it was actually one of my very big stumbling blocks, I couldn’t see a way past it. Now I have a great solution.

I made a lot of really good notes so I can come back and pick this up later. It might have to sit for a while longer before I come back around to editing it. And that’s ok. I should be able to pick it back up with the good notes.

Cabin mates

I had great cabin mates this year! Some have already written and published, some are just starting out. But they all had great things to share. Many thoughtful conversations. Most of the cabin was working on paranormal romanceish works. Some historical (which was great to hear perspective on), some modern, some editing, some writing fresh. It was very cool to have a great cabin. So thank you to all my cabin mates!

Bonus recording learning…

I may be better off scheduling recording longer things in the winter. Doing full books and doing narration for other books, might be better left as a winter project in general.


  1. Elizabeth

    Rewriting is…both suckitude and totally awesome. While you are not getting to make something new, and you recently helped me to see how important this is, you are taking something from good to amazing. I am always amazed what rewriting can do for a story. so much, in fact, I have to fuss at myself not to hold up rewritten work compared to fresh stuff.

    But it is not easy. I think it’s harder than my first draft where everything and anything goes on the page . Where I’m living and breathing the characters. I even get to the point in revising where something is too hard and I have to come back to it when my brain is fresh. Or I have to put it away as my concentration is failing and I can’t just slide through it.

    So, do you actually stay out in a cabin somewhere?

    1. Mariah Avix

      No! Do not stay in an actual cabin! I like running water far to much. 🙂

      It’s an entirely virtual thing. The “cabins” are basically chat rooms with, I believe, 12 people. There is an event in April and July. They are sort of set your own goal kind of events. An opportunity to work on your project knowing that others are working on theirs.

      You are 100% correct about editing. It is a struggle but it is entirely worth it. I know that when I twist something from pretty good to ooooOOO! It is so cool to see it become what it could be.
      I know that some people are afraid of writing something that doesn’t live up to what is in their head, but I find that editing something always gives me something better than is what is in my head. Work and break and change things up I think is valuable. Rather than just working on one thing constantly. It is good to focus, but focus past the point of working well is bad.


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