I have no theme for today’s roundup of links. But I’m seriously excited about the Google Docs outlines thing. It is so nice. I

Writing Skills

Writing more is good. Whatever the words. Even “arse full of farts”. I’m all for fan fiction, writing back from a skeleton of something else, writing within another world (like for a tabletop game…not that I’d ever do that…). Write. Write. Write.

Though I do know someone who once copied the phone book, by hand…That kind of writing might not be super useful to developing writing skills. Though it does a great job of developing handwriting.

Flexible, electroluminescent skin

The first part of it is a little less than exciting visually, but keep watching, the end is mesmerizing.

The options for androids, cyborgs, and humans is incredible.

Perception and expertise

We don’t all see the same world. You and I can look at the exact same thing and see something radically different. Powerful, fascinating, worrisome. This also very much means that you shouldn’t assume just because someone else isn’t having the experience you are having that they are wrong. They have bring a different set of expertises and history to the situation.

Google Docs outlines

They now has baked in outlines. If you use the styles (Normal text/Heading 1/Heading 2) which of course you should because magic TOC and accessible, you now also get the amazing benefit of an outline automatically generated and navigable right from the left side of the screen. (Open it by going to Tools–>Document Outline (or CTRL+ALT+A). You can also navigate this way. So just click on the section you want to go to.

(This is a lot like the Navigation Pane in MS Word, though you can’t move the sections around.)

If you make all your parts H1s and chapters H2s and your scenes H3s and you can jump from spot to spot easily. I’m so excited about this. It’s about time but so nice.


Navigate scenes with the outline


A more complex outline (of this post!)


  1. Betheredragons

    Love the comic.

    Hmmm, I have a whole new view of James Joyce . . .

    1. Mariah Avix

      Improved? Or not so much?
      I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan before but I feel like I understand him a lot better.


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