Businessey Roundup

  1. I hate the hiccups.
  2. While 600 Second Saga officially launches its preseason tomorrow it is out in iTunes or you can add it to the podcast tool of your choice or search 600 Second Saga. If it doesn’t show up let me know.
  3. I’m not sure how so many of these links ended up vaguely business-ey but I’m going with it because they are interesting. (Also maybe because I binged on Cortex over the last week.)

Writing and Business intersect

Why new personal productivity efforts don’t stick

Don’t say you don’t have a plan. You just didn’t design it intentionally, it still exists. I keep trying to make plans, I find I do best with small changes.

“Most productivity habits develop out of necessity, without specific intention. This can leave achievement to chance, which is why there is so much interest in productivity improvement. But changing systems is what’s really tricky.”

Find your biological prime time

When writing time is limited it is important to think about when to do those things. And what you can do in the other times? For me recording is super different from writing. I should write early in the morning (especially Saturday morning) and record in the evenings. I also realized recently I was giving up my best writing time to a Not Writing activity and need to fix that.

“Bailey noted that, even if you’re generally low on energy right after you wake up, it’s probably best to do creative work in the morning. He cites research suggesting that the part of your brain associated with creative thinking is most active then.”

North Korea

Because I know how to do transitions!

Photos from North Korea

I spent way too much time today looking at these photos and quite a few others along with the descriptions of what is and isn’t allowed to be photographed.

Photos are strange things. A lifetime ago I had my purse searched in Russia, not for weapons, but for a camera. They were much more afraid of the camera.


Again with the transitions!

You may or may not have heard about this case, and the ongoing struggles that the FBI and Apple have had. The FBI wants to be able to unlock phones, they want an easy backdoor to get access to data. Apple has been pretty firm in their No. No. Super No.

A couple days ago Apple published a letter about the case. Ars posted a good write up about how Apple will be fighting it and some more information about the case.

I think this is very much a window into potential futures. Do things become more private or less? Does government get access to everything we do and say? Do private companies become guardians and keepers of our data? Are we safe if we are with one company but not others?  (Looking at you Blackberry.)

Finally? I STILL hate the hiccups.


  1. Stefan

    Don’t forget for you Android lovers out there, you can catch the podcast on Stitcher as well at:

    1. Mariah Avix

      It should (hopefully) be in most of the podcast catching devices out there. (It is on the handful I’ve checked, but I don’t have android access.) If you run into anywhere it isn’t please let me know!

      Thank you for the stitcher link, I wasn’t sure that was working outside my link so it is good to hear.


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