I don’t Facebook-my characters do: Facebook Invasion

Over at Terrible Minds Chuck Wendig threw down a confusing but interesting flash fiction challenge.

Tell a story using a social media platform (FB/Twitter/etc). Yeah, ok Chuck, I’ll grant you, it’s hard to explain! Basically an epistolary using your social media of choice. An interesting challenge. Not one I’m sure I’ll be quick to repeat, but difficult things are good challenges. Though I do love reading messages and tweets from superheroes, I’m not sure that is the kind of writer I am. I am not nearly cool enough for that.

I opted for Facebook, despite my lack of booking of face.

There is no audio with this because I don’t even know how I’d do that. There is however for your viewing pleasure, screen caps of this Facebook Invasion.

Facebook Invasion

I’m not entirely sure the best way to make this accessible in case you want it in a not screen cap format. But I’ve created a PDF of the script for Facebook Invasion. (If this doesn’t work for you please let me know!)

Stay tuned, later this week I’ll be updating you on where I’m at with the upcoming podcast, options for participating, and other cool things. I hope.

The number one thing I’ve learned from this flash fiction piece is I cannot spell “invasion” I keep typing “invation”.


  1. adam

    this was brilliant. I love it

    1. Mariah Avix

      Thanks very much!

  2. Beth

    Good job. Loved all the interactions with the characters.

    1. Mariah Avix

      Thanks very much. I figured the back and forth was a bonus thing I’d get from doing it as a social media so I tried to use all things including likes, and friends only and such. It was so strange to write up though.

  3. Mozette

    This was very cool.

    Very much what would happen on FB. 😀

  4. Catastrophe Jones

    Holy crap – I loved this!
    I wondered if it would be ‘invasion’ or ‘asteroid killing us all’ but then I imagine we wouldn’t be able to read it on FB — but anyway — fun read.


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