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Read more

Read more is one of the top words of wisdom on how to be a better writer. I like to think I read a decent amount, but I don’t read much outside my favorite genres. I like what I like and I spend a lot of my reading time there. Which is great. Reading is valuable. And hopefully I don’t start reading so critically that I find the fun of it slipping away.

Read out of genre

I need to read more of other genres, both to learn about how story structure works for those genres and to learn more about human beings. Because I am a robot and don’t understand human interaction, apparently.

My plan

Read with a friend

I have a wonderful friend who is going to read some of these with me and then talk to me about them. Which is great, being able to discuss and dissect them makes a huge difference to understanding them and what I’m trying to get to.

Read what?

My current list is to loop through these over the next few months mixed in with other things. I’m trying to read…representative examples of the genre. (And I’m happy to take suggestions. The only thing is I’m trying to not read things that are like oooOOOOOooo it’s paranormal thriller or sci-fi mystery.)

Obviously this list won’t be the only things in these genres I read, but a good kick off for it.

If anyone would like to recommend things within these genres I’d love to hear them. I’m sort of doing it pretty haphazardly.

The list

  • Romance:
  • Mystery:
  • Thriller:
  • Literature:
  • Historical:
  • Religious:
  • Young Adult:
  • New Adult:
  • Erotica:

“Not reading”

Sci-fi and Fantasy:

Yeah they don’t go on this list because that is where I read a lot. Though at some point I’d like to make sure I’m reading a good range of sub-genres. More military sci-fi and more time travel I guess?


I’m not a fan. I’m glad there are people who like it but like pranks and roller coaster rides, it just isn’t for me. Especially horror that leans toward gore, or the kind that is designed to keep you up at night. I need my robot sleep!


Is that still a genre? I don’t think so?


I do read a ton of this in non-book form (yay science articles, etc) as well as some books so it isn’t that I’m reading them, it is that I’ve already got it covered.


I’ve read a ton of these already. Not that I’ve read them all, but I don’t feel like it is a gaping space. I might throw a few of these on my list over the next year though. But I will say that I find some of the “classics” just feel old and outdated and not like I’m bowled over by how it has managed to ring true for xxx years.

Any other genres I’m missing?

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