Ravens and Wolves

Ravens and wolves work together to hunt? I would read the hell out of the modern fantasy take on that.

I listened to an episode of Mysterious Universe (14.24 – this link skips right to the relevant part, but if you are interested in penises, pain, Mayan altered perceptions, and stingrays, rewind a bit – but you’ve been warned). The guest was Matt Kaplan (he wrote Science of the Magical) who had a bunch of interesting things to say about some of the links between the usual MU topics of mythology and altered perceptions and such. The thing that made me flail was the ravens and wolves thing. (I was out for a walk so I just made a crazy face and pulled out my phone to add the book to my to read list and then looked around to see if anyone saw me make the crazy face.)

Kaplan said that ravens will chase after wolves (which humans can chase and find a potential kill). Ravens dive in and pick every bit that’s left. Sometimes in the height of winter, ravens spot a good kill and then get the wolves attention and bring them over to their prey.

There is also a video with more information on the A Matter of Fact and Fiction site.

I’m not exactly sure what this looks like as a modern fantasy story, but I feel like it would be awesome. There could be something very urban with a take on who or what exactly is prey. If this book (or short) already exists please point me to it.

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