Bonus Goals

NaNoWriMo’s basic goal is write 50,000 words in a month. Start November 1 and write to get to that word count goal. Everything about it is focused on that number. How many words a day, how far behind are you, how far ahead etc…

I’ve done that a few times and I’m ready for other goals.

Nothing crazy like 100,000 words (I already have a full time job!) or counter productive like write two stories.

Pre-November First Goals:
  • Have an outline I feel ok about (I’ll never feel great, at this point I don’t think I’ll feel good, but I can feel ok)
  • Plan for on the go writing
  • Recruit a friend to talk through the problems with so I can shake out some of the confusion
  • Clean my place so I don’t have messy headspace (I know the science on this is mixed)
  • Clean my digital spaces (rss feeds/podcasts already pared down)
In November Daily Goals:
  • Write what the next scene/thought/part/aim/direction is before stopping each writing session
  • Review the upcoming scenes each morning so they can float around in my brain during the day and I can get words down during the day
  • Write every day (I’m generally pretty good about this, I’ve been slacking in October because reasons)
In November Other Goals:
  • Critique (for friends or as a part of the Critters) weekly
  • Blog at least weekly (substantive and thoughtfully- write a Post Nov Goals post…)
  • Write down any ideas for potential shorts and file them for December (30/3 in 30)
  • Make at least 4 Writing Days (a day when I mostly focus on words on the screen, planning, etc – ideally a higher word count, next scenes scratched out)
Bonus Not Writing Goals:
  • 11K steps a day (and skiing if we get snow!)
  • Vote (local election)
  • Give myself a pass on things if I get behind (podcasts/rss/randoms/etc)

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