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S2.20 Please Wash Your Hands

Please Wash Your Hands by Keith P Graham Keith P. Graham is a Beekeeper, Computer Programmer, Blues Harp Player, and Science Fiction Lover. He has worked for IBM, Verizon, and Lockheed Martin where, among many other things, he wrote a large part of the original EZ-Pass system for automated highways. Keith is the webmaster for one of the largest and oldest Blues Harmonica related sites on the internet: He is the author of the ancient Science Fiction site:….
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Brain Capacity: Where are you spending yours?

I’ve had a couple of really good chats with friends this weekend. Thinking about brain capacity, what you spend your brain energy on, wearing it down, and being short on capacity. I kind of having been letting that shift around in my head a little and based on some of those conversations, here are my thoughts. I have several different kinds of brain capacity and different things spend down different buckets. Organizational/details: This is the stuff that is the focused…
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S2.19 Petty Gremlins

Petty Gremlins by Kurt Pankau Kurt Pankau is a software developer in St. Louis, Missouri. Kurt has a weakness for stories about time-travel. His flash fiction has previously appeared in Daily Science Fiction and been produced for Wisconsin Public Radio. Read more from Kurt on Twitter @KurtPankau. Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star review on iTunes. Save

Take a listen and a question

I would encourage you all to check out the #2podsaday campaign. #2PodsADay – Listen More, Listen Indie. Some really interesting podcasts (and I’ll be coming up at some point this month too!) I had a wonderful podcast with Linda at Poetry Ponderings Podcast about the power of poetry, flash fiction, and trusting the reader. Plus a bonus short from the Smoke Jumper World.Poetry Ponderings Podcast: PPP # 012 Deep in the Woods with Mariah Avix Finally a question for you… How…
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S2.18 Walls of Nigeria

Walls of Nigeria by Jeremy Szal Originally published in Nature. Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 in the outback of Australia and was raised by wild dingoes. His science-fiction and fantasy work has appeared in Nature, Abyss & Apex, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons,, The Drabblecast, and has been translated into multiple languages. He is the fiction editor for Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa where he’s worked with authors such as George R. R. Martin, William Gibson, and Joe R. Lansdale. He’s completed…
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Turn of Phrases

I’ve been thinking a lot about the twisted phrases, idioms, metaphors, similies and the like that we use. In writing and in day to day language. (Translation and plain language guidelines ooof!) I’ve been listening to a phenomenal new podcast Turn of Phrases. The most recent episode addressed my question about “a bridge too far” which …I have probabally been using too much lately. But in my defense there are a LOT of things that are a bridge too far!…
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S2.17 Distance

Distance by Soar Distance was narrated by Soar Soar is an international poet and storyteller living in Berlin, author of four books on the themes of love, human values, life and positive thinking. Currently a new book and a vinyl are in development, under the project “Poetry-in-Motion”, by ©Soar. The author is a member of the Society of Authors (UK), Poets&Writers (USA) and collaborates with international magazines in Germany, Italy, UK, Romania and the US (Decanto The Poetry Magazine, Enigma,…
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Writing Prompt: Unusual Were-Animals

I love werewolves and the other very common variations. But I also think there is a lot of other under explored were-animals. My Smokejumpers series explores a few of these, peregrine falcons (my favorite), jaguars (pretty common), mountain lions (also on the not unusual list), stags and much more. What is the most unusual shifter you’ve read? Written? What would you like to read? I’ve been listening to the Varmints podcast and I’ve been thinking about which of these would…
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2.16 Basilisk on a Yellow Field

Basilisk on a Yellow Field by Jon Cronshaw Jon Cronshaw is a UK-based science fiction and fantasy author. He has published three short story collections, Host, The Gibson Continuum, and Her Name Was Red. His debut novel Wizard of the Wasteland is out now. He has a PhD in the history of art and has seen his writing published in regional and national newspapers across the UK, including the Metro and Guardian. He’s an ex-gamer, a guide dog owner, a voracious reader, and a certified…
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I’m out in the world!

I’ve got a few exciting things of me being out in the world! I’ve been featured on a podcast, a blog, I’ll be featured on the Podbean app (you can go and download me there now!!) next week, and in August I’ll be a part of #2podsaday. Listen to me on Wild Pitch I talk about the podcasting, scary things, and my non-sport sporting skills. Read more about me on M L Moos M L Moos is a wonderful author…
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